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Techagement as you perceive is technical, technical age , management or otherwise.  More than that it is the coming together of Technology in this new age to simplify and assist management. Young managers today are keen to step into the open market, ready to change, to achieve and to be “something” in life. But the question is “Do the basic fundas of management suffice  ? “

Technology is changing our lives today, computers which once were “wow dude! u have a pc at home!! ” have now reached the stage of “huh, i can do that with my smartphone!” . Smartphones, tablets, surface technologies, e-wallets, cloud computing, IPTV & lots more. have revolutionized today’s environment.

These general technological advancements feed the spirit of entrepreneurial thinking and creativity for sustainability of the business environment.  Thus, the average dude now needs to know more and to update himself with current standards of technology so that the brook of management never dies in the absence of ideas. Ideas itself come with inquisitiveness, knowledge and information that this platform will seek to provide.