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Ever since the launch of YouTube in 2005, it has been flooded with countless hours of videos by people from around the world. Advertisement is a tool ranging far and wide, changing perceptions around the globe. Free advertisement i.e. Publicity is what a marketer absolutely loves. Technically,the Return on Investment on this goes off the hook. In diverse worlds we speak of 4P’s Product,Price,Place & Promotion but ultimately it’s the Network that decides how far you reach.

Network in today’s world is the most essential component of marketing on the internet. Supposedly Mr. X who has a network of 1000 friends on Facebook sees a super bowl video. He shares the video on his wall which is viewed by approximately 100-150 of his friends. Probability says 10-20 of those who watched it will provide feedback in the form of comments, likes or re-sharing.

Impact ?

Comments on the video are non-biased reviews of the product and people comment only the most crucial aspects of the product. i.e. that one single that they like or dislike.Again this chain will start and go on, endlessly … the video which can do this incessantly is a viral video, and this concept is viral marketing

Why you need to know this as a student ?

The digital age is catching up, that too at a very fast pace. Marketing is all about delivering what customers want, again and again. The social network is not a fad anymore, it’s the next big thing after the bulb and is growing at light speed. When people are catching up, corporate don’t want their products to be left alone, that is why adverts are promoted on Facebook. The sooner you get comfortable with this, the better you will be when it comes your way.

How to ? ?

For starters you can sign in to YouTube with your Google a/c or create a new one. Subscribe to channels according to your likings, like/dislike, share videos, connect to your friends so that you see what they like and whom they subscribe You can your Facebook or twitter a/c so that whenever you like a video, it get’s updated on your feed. There are also various channels like thisweekin, ignou,nptel etc. that provide you with a complete dose of skills you need to build up and what all you need to look at. Shoot up via comments or on twitter!