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Cloud Computing is the use of Non-Localized computational resources . In simple words all the functions that a user does over his Computer are done over a digitally connected interface. This interface hooks him up to a plethora of resources wherein he can compute, store, analyze , manipulate, share, create, recreate information etc.

Cloud data storage is when users stores their data ‘ in the cloud ’ which is basically , the user storing his data into a server that is not physically present in front of him but is accessible over Internet or a digital network. The user may also get various functions like document editing, folder synchronization, desktop file transfer client, file recovery service, encryption etc. etc. These services vary dependent upon service providers. One may offer a great additional feature like Mobile Phone accessibility but others may not.

Why is it necessary to know this ?

For a student, data starts accumulating over a period of time, Lecture notes, class presentations,handouts,trip pictures, general reading material, memorable clips, always used software’s, eBook’s, password files (though not recommended) etc. etc. etc. you just name it. . tons of data gathers and it’s all that matters. A bigger headache is to get all of it streamlined and organized, the problem starts when you can’t carry your laptop or desktop all the time,everywhere .. !

With the advent of Cloud Storage Technology, all that data can be stored easily and securely under a password. Most of the times the online backup can be synchronized automatically with your PC and it is accessible wherever there is web connectivity! All you have to do is hit the URL of your Cloud Data Service Provider, punch in the username & the password and you’ll be up and running in no time !

There are a lot of service provider’s, Box.net,LiveMesh,DropBox,Oosah,JungleDisk,icloud,BOXSTr,AOL’s Xdrive,Adrive &Gmail Drive Extension to name a few.You can visit any of them and signup for a Basic free or a Premium paid version but that’s up to you.

Furthermore we’ll be doing a comparison of the above mentioned service providers over a 26 point rating scale, a walkthrough Windows LiveMesh and maybe a video too .

Do comment & share your experiences.

Arpan Samuel Ramtek

@arpan_ramtek on twitter