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Twitter LogoFor a student marketer, networking is an essential essence. Knowing how the world goes round and what opinion people have on products, happenings, companies, brands, others and ideas is basically understanding consumer behavior.

The way businesses use twitter for free & quick online marketing & feedback has transformed the scenario for savvy customers. Starting with personal a/c’s a student should follow and tweet regarding his hobbies, interests, what’s trending and the day to day happenings. Always try to initiate and maintain conversations’ by mentioning people often or replying to their tweets. Re-tweeting is also a great tool which pays dividends but in the long run.

Connecting Facebook and twitter a/c’s is a good option for personal a/c’s as it essentially conveys the message through both channels. The most important rule is to be consistent. Considerable activity should at least be done on regular time-slots or in fixed intervals. This helps to build up your genuine-ness and means you are serious about it.

Last but not the least is the bio which should contain essential keywords and not sentences. This is to help people find and follow you. You can also add your Facebook or LinkedIn profile link to it . Remember that followers will just not start pouring in overnight, it takes time and with the right set of tools you’ll be good to go!

Twitter tools, networking, tips and tricks coming up in the next posts .

Arpan Samuel Ramtek

@arpan_ramtek on Twitter