What does it take to have a great blog ? Marketing works here and the 5p’s may come handy. Experts say content is the king but what did it take for Facebook to click and Orkut to miss ?

The difference lies in Packaging !

Here, we discuss the top 7 basic tips to make your blog presentable to people.

Blog Design

Designing or deciding the theme is one of the most important aspects of your blog, it must have a clean design to attract visitors. The design should be clutter free but should still integrate all elements required. People should be able to easily find content, post comments, sort posts and share from your site. Gaudy colors tend to create a cheap impression on your site, avoid them. Stick to classic benchmarks for images, banner & like boxes.


Ignoring the product and relying solely on packaging is a blunder . Good quality content created good first impression on your visitors and makes them return back to your site regularly. Provide highly relevant content in your niche. The posts should provide some value addition to your reader. You shouldn’t just write for the sake of increasing the number of posts. Also, remember that through your blog you are catering to global audience. So, your language (grammar and spelling) should be good enough for everyone around the globe.


Fonts are like flowers in a flowerbed, choose the ones that give the perfect impact ! Select a good font for your headings and text. Georgia or Verdana  would be an ideal font choice. Font size is also very important. Don’t select a very small size or large size. Select an optimum size for the headings and text. Font size 11 or 12 should be fine for the text.

Optimizing for mobile platforms

Smartphones, tablets and other handheld gadgets like the iPOD or PSP are the most “in” gadgets in the market. Optimizing user experience on handhelds generates more content mobility and re-shares. It’s not even difficult, word-press has built in tools to optimize your blog for smartphones & tablets.

Cross-browser Compatibility

Many bloggers tend to forget about cross-browser compatibility, because they view their blog only on their favorite browser. Care should be taken, so that your blog is displayed equally good on every browser.


Ad’s are a controversial issues but it’s advisable not to use too many ads in your blog. Too many ads make your blog cluttered and confuse the visitors.  Pop ups irritate visitors so they are a big no-no ! Try to use simple ones and place them after the content, avoid rotating ads.

Kiss !

Last but not the least ..Yes ! K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple silly !

Try to implement the tips above with being consistent in your content.. you’ll notice the change!

Arpan Samuel Ramtek

@arpan_ramtek on twitter