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AimhighDid somebody tell you that you have too much ambition and they wouldn’t support you until and unless you curtail it down ? What’s wrong with too much ambition? Visionaries, pioneers, leaders, scientists are all people who were called idiots & fools. They were kicked, spat but all of them retaliated with effort, with the zeal of work and logic of life.

Task priorities are seem unrelated but actually are very close to the problem. These two go hand-in-hand . . read on


Too much of anything can be bad, and it certainly seems obvious that too much ambition can lead to being a workaholic, having no social life, not making time for one’s family, and other such unpleasant things.

This is an issue of concern for me, for many others or probably you too if you too tend to play catch ups with all-nighters, face complaints from your family members telling you that your home is not a hostel, experiencing downsides in assignments and projects you’ve taken up & when there’s too much of information overload going on your mind . . you know it !

Its not that simple, unfortunately.  You can’t simply say “oh, well clearly I just need to have less ambition.”  Insane amounts of drive and ambition is half of what makes a lot of successful entrepreneurs able to accomplish the things they do, besides having to have a number of other qualities.  The trick is, of course, to find a balance.  This may seem obvious but it is far easier said than done… 

There is actually no such thing such as work life balance unless and until there is limit you make for yourself. . it is the time you stop taking those honorary projects, half-heartedly pulling the shopping cart to please your family ( while you’re replying e-mail) , converting interests to hobbies and sometimes plainly being not courteous. By the last one, I mean you have to be yourself.. say no, stop taking responsibilities for things you shouldn’t , being a neta and what not.

The point is, it actually depends upon you . .  what has helped me is prioritization, thinking that “this” thing would help me in the somewhere distant future is a good but not always a healthy strategy.. focus on pending assignments, submissions, presentations and attendances that will fetch you grades.. putting you first and making people realize that you are actually focused. Next, the subsidiary work of ambition relating to your vision achievement and then fill the gaps for friends and family. Try and utilize your day by waking up early.. (might sound too difficult after sleeping at 4 a.m.)

Take a step . .

Arpan Samuel Ramtek


ref : http://jefftougas.com