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Once upon a time, a well articulated resume and interview were enough to land you the job. That was before Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Today, both clients and recruiters look beyond a nicely pressed suit and resume and are also scanning each candidate’s social media channels in order to get a flavor of who you really are and how you conduct yourself on a social level.

  1. Post statements you’d feel comfortable sharing with your boss or clients in person.Avoid sharing emotionally, religiously or politically charged statements. Avoid foul language or curse words.
  2. Be Professional Never comment about work online.  .. Self Explanatory
  3. Be grammatically unimpeachable V. IMP. !
  4. Post photos of yourself that you consider to be professional. Select your profile & cover photo carefully. Untag youself from unprofessional pictures & posts & ofcourse there’s a delete option too .
  5. Share links or other friend’s information that may be considered to be universally acceptable. Avoid  “like” on controversial characters or celebrities.If you post news and information on your page or on a friend’s page, make sure it is unbiased.
  6. Hide friend’s comments or information that is deemed to be inappropriate. Steer clear of angry or controversial conversations, Use Private message functionality. Unfriend, Report & Block are also a few features for your convinience.
  7. Only link, follow or friend people you know and trust
Arpan Samuel Ramtek